Winter is a time that is challenging for many to stay active due to the cold temperatures. Challenge this by engaging your kids and family in a fun activity to get active and make great memories!

Winter Activity Ideas:

Outdoor Activities

  • Take a walk around your neighborhood or a friends neighborhood to admire holiday light displays.
  • Build a snowman with family or neighbors. 
  • Build a Snow Maze. Use a shovel or stomp with your feet to create a snow maze in the back yard.
  • Go sledding.
  • Try a winter sport, like skiing or ice skating.
  • Head to the playground.
  • Shovel snow, consider shoveling someone’s driveway who could use an extra hand.
  • Cut down your own Christmas tree. Heading out to a local tree farm is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise.
  • Animal tracks spotting. Make it a game and head to your local park or nature trail to see how many different animals tracks you can spot in the snow.
  • Explore a frozen creek.

Indoor Activities

  • Check your local recreation center for classes and activities for children.
  • Take a long walk inside the local mall.
  • Trampoline park.
  • Play music and dance (even while getting chores done together).
  • Build an indoor obstacle course.
  • Play indoor hopscotch: Use painter’s tape to create squares on the floor.
  • Visit an indoor or outdoor zoo.