Whether it’s your workplace, a club mixer, local restaurant, or online fundraiser, you can help promote awareness of Childhood Obesity and raise funds for healthy initiatives that impact kids in Kane County. Need Ideas? Get your creativity going with simple fundraisers likes these:

BROWN BAG FOR HEALTHY KIDS – Bring lunch to work and donate savings
EAT HEALTHY, GIVE HEALTHY – Peer to Peer Social Media campaign
PERSONAL ONLINE FUNDRAISER – Celebrate an Occasion by raising funds for Fit for Kids

Great Months to hold a Fundraiser!

  • March – National Nutrition Month
  • May – National Physical Activity and Sports Month
  • June – National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month
  • September – National Childhood Obesity Month

Making Kane County Fit for Kids is here to help.
Susan Ericson, Development Coordinator at or 630-768-8044