About Us

FFK was launched April 7th, 2008 with a Leadership Summit convened by the Kane County Board Chairman and attended by more than 100 executive leaders from Kane County municipalities, school districts, park districts, businesses, the faith community, health care providers, health and social service agencies, as well as local and state elected officials. The Leadership Summit provided participants with an in-depth briefing on the childhood obesity epidemic and called for a sustained, county-wide mobilization through implementation of 4 strategic action principles that go to the heart of the systems, policy and environmental changes needed to reverse the epidemic. They are:

Making Kane County Fit for Kids Strategic Action Principles

Develop land use, planning and other public policies that foster and support physical activity for all in our communities;
Assure that fresh fruits and vegetables are affordable and accessible to all families in our communities;
Support a culture of wellness and health promotion in our workplaces, schools, homes, communities and other institutions;
Provide parents and children with reliable, up-to-date information in multiple settings regarding healthy physical activity and eating habits.
Following the Summit, a public-private partnership, the “FFK Funders’ Consortium” was established by the Executive Directors of Kane County’s Health and Development/Transportation Departments, together with the Superintendent of Kane County’s Regional Office of Education, the President of the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley, and the President of the United Way of Elgin. By combining forces, these partners believe they can most efficiently and effectively raise and disperse funds to support the comprehensive, coordinated, community-based health promotion initiatives.

Each of the FFK Funders’ Consortium members committed to make an annual contribution of no less than $10,000.00 to the FFK initiative and each have one vote in making policy decisions for the consortium. Policy decisions include: designating a member as Convener; securing and overseeing a fiscal agent; oversight of FFK fundraising; making funding awards; and oversight of program management services. Currently the Kane County Health Department is designated as Convener and provides program management services while the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley is the FFK Consortium’s fiscal agent.

Join the Campaign!
We Are Making Kane County Fit for Kids!
Children born today may live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents and grandparents! Why? Too many of our children are overweight.

Across Kane County, 1 out of 5 kids is overweight. In some Kane communities that number is an even more alarming 1 out of 3! As these children get older, they are more likely to be stricken with diabetes, bone and joint problems, heart disease, and other serious health problems.

Please join our campaign for longer, healthier lives for all of our children by Making Kane County Fit for Kids!

Together, we will create parks, streets, neighborhoods and schools that are Fit for Kids — making them safe and ready for kids to walk, bike, and play.

We will provide meals and snacks that are Fit for Kids by increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables for all families through school and child care programs, farmers’ markets, community gardens, and neighborhood groceries — making healthy foods an available and desirable option.

We will make our homes, faith communities, schools, recreation programs and workplaces Fit for Kids by promoting a culture of health and wellness every day, in ways both big and small.