April is National Garden Month!

4 Tips for engaging children in the garden

1. Read books about gardening.

Books can be a great way to introduce gardening concepts to young kids, and further interest for older children. Visit your local Library and check out their selection!

2. Start small.

If your kids are new to gardening, have them start off by growing a few seeds in a pot inside or outside in warm weather for them to tend to.

3. Let them decide what they want to plant.

 This will offer an opportunity to teach them the needs of plants. Some great beginner friendly options of fruits and vegetables to plant include cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, arugula, and herbs.

4. Eat what you grow.

Let your kids help plan meals using the delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs you have grown. We bet that they’ll be more open to eating their veggies if they grew them from a seed.